Thursday, June 12, 2014 at 8:27AM
Patrice Evangeline

*All 3 products were used on my beautiful bride pictured above.

  1. Laura Mercier Caviar Eyestick in Rose Gold
  2. Makeup Forever Sculpting Kit
  3. Makeup Forever Large Precision Blender Brush #236

Laura Mercier’s Caviar Eyestick is great for a quick swipe of color to really open and brighten the eyes. I especially love the rose gold shade. It’s flattering on most skin tones and can also act as a great base for other powder shadows to layer on top. The sticks come in a range of beautiful, long lasting colors. Most department store and drug store brands carry these type of shadow sticks but I’m partial to Laura Mercier.

Makeup Forever’s Sculpting Kit does just what it says and is perfect for sculpting the face. I love using the darker contour color on the base of the cheekbones for my brides and for photoshoots. I also use the darker shade as an everyday eyeshadow crease/contour color. The duos come in a range of shades. The lighter color is great for highlighting the brow bone since it’s a flat, matte color - too much shimmer all over the lid looks a bit dated.

Makeup Forever’s Large Precision Blender Brush #236 is my magic wand! My favorite ways to use this brush are to contour the sides of the nose with the Sculpting Kit (for a wider nose) and base of nose (for a longer nose). Use the contour shadow sparingly. Once the shadow is applied, wipe off any excess product onto a tissue so you can blend the edges of your contour with a clean brush. I also love using this brush to blend out the crease of the eye.  A good blending brush is key for all makeup applications! For a quick, polished, every day look try the rose gold eyestick on the lid and apply the sculpting powder in the crease with this brush.

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