The Perfect Sunscreen
Tuesday, March 25, 2014 at 5:16PM
Patrice Evangeline

Being a makeup artist and seeing what sun damage can do to a person's skin has sent me looking for the perfect sunscreen over the years.

I discontinued using my favorite sunscreen after reading this article in 2012 because it contained oxybenzone.

While I realize that there are all sorts of chemicals in cosmetic/skincare products, I try to use cleaner/more natural products when and if I can find a good alternative (especially while I was pregnant). So the hunt began for a sunscreen that was mineral based, didn't contain oxybenzone and didn’t leave my skin feeling too dry, too oily or too pasty white before applying my foundation. As mentioned in the article, the EWG warns against the use of the chemical oxybenzone which is an ingredient in most sunscreens. The primary function of oxybenzone is to absorb ultraviolet light, but some research shows oxybenzone can be absorbed through the skin. The EWG and other toxicology experts believe that oxybenzone is linked to hormone disruption and potentially to cell damage that may lead to skin cancer.

During my search I tried everything from MyChelle, Babyganics, even a small Canadian based company that discontinued one of my more favorite finds (of course!) Well, I’m happy to say that my search is finally over! I found the most perfect sunscreen right around the corner at CVS – Anthelios 50 Mineral Ultra Light Fluid Sunscreen. It is exactly what it says, mineral based and ever so light to the touch. It disappears into the skin and feels as if I am not wearing anything at all. It also comes in a beautiful tint that is just the right color and not at all orange.

As a makeup artist, my job is to perfect my client's skin, but there is no amount of makeup or technique of application that can make the skin look as beautiful as skin that has been cared for and protected over the years. Oh and I have to add that even in this horribly, long New York winter, it is so important to wear sunscreen every day!

And just in case I didn’t convince you to wear sunscreen every single day (and reapply throughout) this photo most certainly will.

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